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Rally against the Property Tax & Budget 24th Nov 2012

It is expected that the government will announce details of the new Property Tax in the coming budget. We will be expected to pay another bill of hundreds of euro on top of the hated Household Charge. We have to take a stand and tell them we won't sit back and let them rip us off like this. We are holding a Rally against the Property Tax and Budget on Saturday 8th December in Letterkenny, assembling at Station Roundabout (Tesco) at 2pm.

Letterkenny Demonstration 24th March 2012

Budget Day Protest in Gweedore. 27th Nov 2012

There will be an opportunity to tell the government what you think of the Property Tax and Budget Austerity on the day itself. Join the protest outside Minister of State Dinny McGinley's offfice in Bunbeg on Dec. 5th at 1pm. Even if you only come along on your lunch break or stop off as you pass, register your disgust at what they are doing. For further details ring Micheal Cholm on 085 8042050

Donegal County Council leave €4.77 million uncollected in development charges. 28th Nov 2012

Donegal County Council is owed €4.77 million in unpaid development charges, it has been revealed in answer to a question from Cllr. John Campbell and now the Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign is asking why developers have not been pursued as relentlessly as those who have not paid the Household Charge.

”While homeowners have been hounded for non-payment of €100 in Household Charge, the Council have failed to collect millions owed by wealthy developers.” said Can’t Pay Won’t Pay spokesperson Francis McCafferty. “Where are the warning letters? The threats of court action and the prospect of huge fines? Once again it’s one law for the wealthy and another law for the rest of us.”

”Finance director Garry Martin has to explain why he has been all over the media like a rash, blaming cuts in council spending on hard-pressed homeowners who had not paid the Household Charge, when all the time he has known that there was a huge shortfall caused by the Council's failure to pursue the outstanding money from developers.”

“This supports what Can’t Pay Won’t Pay have argued all along – the cuts in council spending have been political decisions. They have nothing to do with the non-payment of the Household Charge. Even if Donegal County Council had achieved full compliance, there still would have been a €1 million cut in the mid-year Council budget, imposed by Minister Hogan’s department.”

“Homeowners will be enraged that once again they are footing the bill for the greed of developers and negligence of those in authority. It’s bad enough that they bring in a raft of new charges and taxes to make us pay for the bank and bondholder bailout, but now we are asked to make up for the black hole of development charges. It’s another reason to say ‘We Can’t Pay, We Won’t Pay.’”


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